American Aeronautics is one of those rare companies that combines the trifecta of a highly accurate, easy to use product at a reasonable price with exceptional customer service and customization. We have utilized their printed and iPad products for many years in everything from Part 91 Citations to 135 Gulfstreams to 121 B737's and they consistently provide the best return for our dollar.

Timothy Slater
Asst. Chief Pilot
KaiserAir, Inc. OAK

We have been a customer of American Aeronautics for more than 20 years and found Cary and his team to be extremely responsive and professional.

We have used both the manual plotters and more recently the ipad app for all our aircraft weight and balance computations. Our pilots appreciate the accuracy and ease of use. American Aeronautics has been and will continue to be our first and only choice for our company's aircraft weight and balance computation needs.

Timothy P. Sullivan 
Director of Operations 
Chantilly Air

Delta Private Jets relies on American Aeronautics for curtailment envelope plotting and the iFly weight and balance iPad app. Their service is top notch and turnaround time on new requests, support on existing products, and administrative questions is both rapid and exemplary. A recommended vendor and valued partner.

Matthew Kahn
Manager of Flight Control
Delta Private Jets

Our operation has determined that the American Aeronautics iFly app is the simplest method for computing weight and balance for our fleet of corporate aircraft, while meeting all regulatory requirements for Part 135 Load Manifests.

Unlike aircraft manufacturer's on board W&B systems, American Aeronautics iFly app not only uses properly curtailed CG envelopes (which allow use of standard weights for passengers), but also incorporates all load manifest data required by 14 CFR 135. The fact that it sends a .pdf to the company is superior to other methods which require sending questionable quality iPhone photos.

Simple to use and understand, great product to simplify operations!

Great support, too!

Daniel J. Von Bargen
Director of Flight Standards

As an end user of a product that makes a flight crew's life easier - Thank You. The iFly product is Compliant, Accurate, Painless, and Simple.

The product is worth the investment, and the prompt and professional support is much appreciated. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a solution for weight and balance calculations.

Gary Hay
Director of Operations

Our Products

American Aeronautics

iFly Weight & Balance® iFly is extremely simple to use. American Aeronautics presets the starting weight and cg for you. This way you are guaranteed to have the correct starting point every time you use iFly. All you have to do is add your passengers, baggage, takeoff fuel, and landing fuel. If you are out of limits, just adjust the various weights until you are within limits. It’s that easy! You will never worry about being out of limits again. Read More...
The Vector Method American Aeronautics has produced weight and balance plotters for all aircraft since 1981. A complete weight and balance kit includes a plotter (template) and graph. The plotters are manufactured on site from black anodized aircraft grade aluminum and all the information on them is computer engraved... Read More...